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Being a Big fan of Anything Zombie related has led me to play a few games like Dead Nation, Dying light and Dead Island just to name a few, but the one that I always keep coming back to is COD Blackops! 
 Anyone who has played this game knows that the first thing you must do is get the power on so you can try your luck and have a crack at the MYSTERY BOX!! 
 We have a Lot of Loyal regular customers and I truly do appreciate you guys continually buying our work so I wanted to add something to our website for you guys that was a little different and a bit of fun as well that was inspired by COD Zombies.
 It's always nice to get your gear delivered in the mail and get exactly what you expect, but it can be a little better not knowing what to anticipate and to get a good surprise! 
 So without anymore waffle we're adding a MYSTERY BOX to our shop where you will need to spend 10 Credits to try your luck!
 Unlike the game where you can be f**d over real quick, I promise you all that you will always get at an absolute minimum the full Value of your purchase. It won't just be patches Boys & Girls so you have a little faith in TTA and try your luck!




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