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Some Soldiers, No matter how good they are, go through their entire Career without ever getting the Guernsey for an Operational deployment!
The same soldiers however can be some of the best marksman and most professional operators that the Army has ever had in their employ.
This patch is the first in a series to celebrate these Soldiers and their dedication to the job that exists to facilitate our Freedom.
A figure 11 target specifically as this is the primary target that Soldiers in our Army shoot at for training and qualification. The Three Bullet holes in the head of the target to represent the few soldiers in EVERY detail that would prefer to Head shoot the enemy soldier rather than achieve critical strikes in the Centre of Seen mass and of course the Clover leaf in the top corners as this is a common pattern achieved during groups.
The Most important Fact about this patch is that a portion of every patch sold will be donated to ' Angel Squad ', A veterans support group that is saving the lives of young soldiers battling the woes of PTSD and all associated behaviours.

Only 100 of each colour in DPCU & Multicam is available. Each Patch comes with a Numbered Certificate.


Figure 11 Hunter

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